Grounding 101

What is Grounding? 


Grounding is the conscious act of getting in touch with the Earth's energy. The Earth's electromagnetic fields affect every living thing on this planet, including humans. If we do not regularly connect our bioelectric bodies to the Earth through grounding techniques we literally become disconnected. 

In my experience grounding is important because when I am disconnected it feels like I don't belong and I begin to question my sense of purpose. Emotionally and psychologically this causes stress, uncertainty and a lack of inner fulfillment. 

A Grounding Story

I came up with an interesting analogy while talking to my husband one evening. He was very excited to tell me something and in an effort to share it with me he grabbed my shoulders and shook me just hard enough to rattle my cage a little bit. I suddenly felt defensive and a little bit angry. For a few moments our ability to communicate almost completely shut down. I was having trouble following what he was trying to tell me and I felt very disconnected from him.

I realized in that moment that I was no longer grounded. As soon as I became aware of my disconnection I shared it with my hubby. He knows me well enough to understand that when I tell him I am not grounded to give me a moment to reset myself.

I immediately placed both feet on the floor and sat up straight in my chair. I placed my hands on my knees and took a few deep breaths. I focused on my root chakra and started to feel my energy align to the Earth and immediately felt better. I was then able to reconnect with my him and we were able to continue our conversation without an argument.  

The Surfer Analogy

I used the surfer analogy to describe to my husband how I felt after he shook my shoulders. It was as if I was suddenly knocked off my surf board. I felt like I was unable to make contact with anything solid and a subtle panic began to set in. I felt if I remained there too long a wave might come along and crash down upon me, or I might get pulled down by the undertow. 

Grounding is the conscious intention to get back to the surf board, back to a solid ground to stand on. With my feet underneath me I can ride whatever waves come along, but with that support I feel tossed about in the ocean of my emotions. 

Connect to the Earth through your root chakra

In order to maintain a strong connection to the Earth's energy you must have a healthy root chakra. There are 72,000 energy channels, or Nadis, in the body. The location where several Nadis cross is called a Chakra. You have seven primary Chakras, or energy centers, that direct the flow of prana into and out of your body.

Your Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine and governs your sense of stability and security in the world. This energy center also relates to our survival needs (e.g. food, shelter, reproduction, etc...). Working with the root chakra is an effective way to quickly align yourself to the Earth's energies. 

Mula Bandha

Bandhas are energy locks that influence internal energy flow. Mula Bandha is one of three energetic locks taught in the Yogic tradition. This lock focuses on Muladhara, the Root Chakra. "Mul" means root and "adhara" means foundation or base. When you achieve Mula Bandha you are sealing the energy at the base of the spine which gently activates the dormant energy store house called Kundalini. This energy is often described as a sleeping snake, coiled up at the base of the spine. 

Practicing Mula Bandha also effectively grounds your energy to the Earth. It is simple and straightforward to practice and can be done standing, sitting or laying down. I practice it regularly, several times a day, in order to maintain balance within myself.

The Practice

Place your arms at your side or your hands on your knees. Keep the spine straight and the head lifted tall. Take a deep breath and contract the anus, genitals and abdomen. Suspend the breath as you hold for as long as you can. Release the lock as you exhale. Exhalation should be longer than normal. Repeat three to five rounds.  

examples of how to ground yourself 

There are tons of simple ways to reconnect to the Earth's electromagnetic frequencies. Here is a basic list to help you get started:

  • walk barefoot outdoors
  • meditate on your root chakra
  • take to the water (e.g. swim, bathe, float, etc...)
  • practice Yoga (especially Mountain Pose, Tree Pose and Corpse Pose)
  • commune with trees and other plants (e.g. gardening, nature walk)
  • eat, especially organic or in season fruits and vegetables 
  • work with crystals and gemstones (e.g. Shungite, Quartz)
  • use essential oils (e.g. Patchouli, Lavender, Grounding Blend)
  • do something physical 
  • dance or sing
  • paint, sketch or color
  • practice deep breathing

This list is not exhaustive, there are hundreds of ways to ground yourself. I encourage you to experiment and get creative. The most important thing is to set the intention to connect to the Earth, if you do this, you will already begin to feel better. 


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