Dear Fellow Women (a healing manifesto)


Dear Fellow Women,

I know I am not alone in feeling as though something needs to change in how we treat one another. I have been struggling for years to understand my relationship with other women, with my mother, and ultimately with myself and my own feminine nature.

A few years ago I had a miscarriage and it changed my life. The pain of losing the baby revealed to me a layer of my Self I had never really seen before. I saw the Victim in me. She felt lonely and misunderstood. She believed she was unworthy and was ashamed of who she was. She was me at age 16, wondering if I could ever feel innocent or clean after my neighbor took advantage of me one night.

Loss continues to reveal things to me. While grieving I am able to see parts of myself that I couldn't see before. They say the light shines brightest in the dark. Perhaps that is why I am learning to enjoy the process of grieving. Grief means you are letting go, and letting go is part of healing. It means you are growing and learning to shine your light brighter.

The miscarriage also helped me see patterns in me that I no longer wished to repeat. Insecurity, unworthiness, fear and powerlessness to name a few. I believe these unhealthy emotional and mental patterns began when my sexuality was emerging, so who knows when precisely that began.

To my fellow sexual abuse survivors and victims of slut shaming, we can longer keep quiet about our experiences. It is time to open up and heal those past wounds. If that pain is left unhealed it disrupts our connection to other people, to the divine feminine, and most importantly, our power. We must clear all past traumas now. This is the time to cleanse, purify, release, surrender, purge and let go of all that SHIT from the past. Seriously, this is it.

If not now, when?

Only you can decide when the healing will begin.

It is so hard sometimes to be kind and loving in this world. There is SO MUCH to be angry about constantly being shoved in our faces from so many directions. There seems to be so many imbalances in this world. We live in a toxic enivornment, one that we humans have created over just a few thousand years. We have hurt our Earthly Mother time and again for profit and greed. Our ignorance is no excuse, and far too many of us are aware that we are only abusing ourselves. For when you kill that which sustains you, you also commit a form of suicide. We are comitting societal suicide, evidenced by how we treat ourselves and one another. We lack reverence for the Spirit that dwells within each and every one of us. We are disconnected and disenfranchised.

Fellow women, we can be the healers who help usher in a new societal age. An age of balance and wisdom, in which we honor our spiritual connection to the Earth and with the Universe at large. Ladies, we have the power to heal not only ourselves, but the world around us, through activating the full power of our feminine energy.

Learn to heal your chakras. Go to the root of the problem and begin the healing there. Almost every woman I have treated for Chakra imbalances has a disturbance of the second and fourth chakras. Find someone who can teach you, or teach yourself, how to unblock and balance these vital energy centers.

Kundalini Yoga has helped me develop a stronger sense of my feminine energy. This unique style of Yoga is an ancient technology meant to tap into the nervous system and glandular system of the body to produce specific results. I have been doing exercises to open and balance the chakras, and increase my sexual and creative potency.

It's working, and I fucking love it. I love teaching Kundalini Yoga to other women, because I know powerful it makes me feel.

I want to be among confident, energetic and vibrant women. I like being one, too. It feels great. When I feel like a victim I don't get to be my full self. I leave out the vibrant, fun parts and sometimes forget they are there. I have learned to see my beauty, while investigating my the things about me I believed were ugly.

Healing ourselves is the biggest step towards healing our society. We have to love ourselves enough to make healthy decisions. We have to learn to love others enough to accept their faults and nurture their talents.

Seeing the good in others, is the best way to see more of the good in ourselves.

Start with yourself and then extend it towards other women. Support them. Love them. Nurture them. Be willing to see their innocense and be willing to see your own through their eyes.

Come on, Sisters. Let's stop being insecure, caddy bitches and heal this beautiful world!

With Love,

Concerned Woman