Chakra Cords: Your Energetic Link to Other People

Do you ever feel like you and your loved ones are connected in a way you can't really explain? If you have ever had an experience where you thought of someone and a few seconds later they texted you then you might be interested in learning more about Chakra cords.

Chakra cords go by a lot of different names. I have heard them called etheric cords, relational cords or just cords. These cords are invisible threads that connect you to other people energetically. They usually stem to and from the solar plexus chakra, located just above the navel, but they can stem from almost any of the chakras. In my healing practice I tend to sense them around the heart and throat chakras as well. Most people carry cords in more than one place at a time.

Let me share a quick, but powerful story of why it is important to be aware of these cords and how to disconnect them. In my Easter Sunday post I opened up about how I use my training as a healer to navigate anxiety. That morning I woke up with intense anxiety and a feeling of pressure in my chest centered around my heart chakra. Later that day I learned that my dad, who lives in Arizona, was experiencing chest pain at the same time I was experiencing the anxiety attack. It was so bad he had to call paramedics and is now being monitored in the hospital (prayers are welcome, thank you).

My Dad and I have a history of tangled, unhealthy cords. A healthy cord connection is one in which both parties are tapped in to one another in an intentional way. We call this energy sharing. After an energy share both parties unplug, or disconnect their cords from another in order not to drain each other unintentionally.

In an unhealthy cord connection one or both parties are unaware that the connection is "live" and this results in one or both parties feeling drained by the other one. In my situation, the connection between my Dad and I was active and we were both unaware. When he started experiencing chest pain, I felt it, too. I am a strong Empath, so these kinds of connections affect me more intensely than people who are less empathic.

As you can see, these connections can be beneficial or damaging depending on your level of awareness. Cutting cords, or disconnecting, is a very practical measure to keep your energy field intact.

I  W A N T  T O  H E A R  F R O M  Y O U

What are some ways you have experiences this connection? Please comment below if you have experienced something like this. Follow this blog for more posts about how to bring balance to your energy field.