Yoga Brings You into Balance with the Earth

While doing Yoga in my mother-in-law's backyard I felt something I have never felt. It happened twice while doing two different asanas (yoga postures). 

The feeling can only be described as getting into magnetic alignment with the Earth's core. Think about this example, if you were to toss a cylindrical piece of metal onto a strong magnetic surface it would land standing up straight, right? Can you picture it? 

Now, imagine your body is the cylinder and the Earth is the magnet. In Tree Pose I felt that energy. It was as if I belonged exactly where I stood and I could stay there forever if I wanted. 

I felt the same way while doing Crow Pose into Head Stand. While holding head stand I felt so magnetized and balanced that I could lift my hands off the ground and balance on my head momentarily! It was WICKED! 

It takes practice to have this kind of breakthrough with Yoga. It takes more than just forcing your body into the postures. Breath is truly the key. Breathing is a direct channel for Prana, life force energy, to flow in and out of the body. As you learn new ways to breathe you also learn new ways to experience the energy all around and within you. 

Try this...

If you want to practice doing this, sit in a cross-legged position and take 10 deep breaths. With each breath notice a different part of the body. It doesn't matter which - let your intuition guide you. Just move around the body with your attention with every single breath. Take deeper, slower breaths than you normally do. 

After those initial 10 breaths, close your eyes and begin feeling into your base. Make sure your hips are comfortable, your lower back supported and your thighs are relaxed. This is called grounding

Once you feel grounded, move your awareness to the top of your head. This is your crown chakra. Reach through the top of your head. Feel your spine elongated, strong and supportive. This is opening your energy channels. 

Now, stay here for a while. Imagine the Earth spinning on its axis and hurtling through space. Appreciate the fact that you don't feel all that movement and that you can instead feel the solid, supportive ground beneath you. Feel gratitude for being here, now. 

Ground Yourself Daily 

Why wait until you feel scattered and overwhelmed? Just practice this kind of meditation everyday. Be on top of your energy and aligned to the Earth all the time. It feels good, you are more effective with your energy and you become less reactive to situations which would normally cause you to lose your shit.

Yoga is not just about being flexible or looking good in stretchy pants. It is a path to freedom, clarity and peace.