Intention Setting: My Home is My Sanctuary

A big thanks to my husband for the photographs. 

A big thanks to my husband for the photographs. 

"Every action, thought, and feeling is motivated by an intention, and that intentions is a cause that exists as one with an effect. If we participate in the cause, it is not possible for us not to participate in the effect. In this most profound way we are held responsible for our every action, thought and feeling, which is to say, four our every intention." - Gary Zukav (The Seat of the Soul)

What is a sanctuary?

I think of it as a special place of refuge where I feel a personal connection to the things around me. A sanctuary is a place where you can focus on your inner landscape because the outer environment is conducive to that kind of soul searching. It is much harder to reconnect with ourselves when our surroundings are chaotic or unfamiliar. 

We have a responsibility to provide ourselves with a reliable sanctuary.

I believe that cultivating an environment that promotes inner awareness and personal growth is a responsibility we each have to ourselves. We deserve to feel safe and comfortable in our homes. If not there, then where? If your home isn't a sanctuary it may be time to take radical steps in a new direction. First and foremost, before any spiritual enlightenment can be achieved, we must tend to our most primal needs, and feeling safe in our own homes is a vital part of being a balanced human. 

Set intentions from a place of honesty.

If home feels safe, but not like a sanctuary yet, then remember that the intentions you set for your home must come truly from your heart. Stop pretending you want things you don't really care about just to earn the approval of others. Be honest with yourself, practice Satya. Setting intentions that come from your heart makes the work more enJOYable. Everything you touch from that point forward will be blessed with the light of your own inner truth manifesting itself in your external reality.

Cultivate the energy you wish to have flourish in your sanctuary.

I approach setting intentions in my home like I approach gardening. First, I decide what I want to grow. For me a sanctuary has plenty of space for both relaxation and meditation, and also playfulness and creativity. 

Since I know what energy I wish to cultivate in my home, I can more easily go about making it happen by getting rid of the things that clash with that intention, and adding things that support it. This process is ever changing and constantly evolving (just like me!). 

You don't have to keep your home the way your family did.

My grandparents and parents rarely rearranged (my grandma's house has looked the same for at least 25 years!). I used to tell myself I needed to be like that because that was "right" and my way was "wrong." I treated myself poorly each time I got restless and decided to move furniture for the second time in a 30 day period.

I don't try to kid myself anymore, I am probably ALWAYS going to rearrange my house monthly, because I get great relief and often joy from moving things around. I like change and thrive on spontaneous movement. The revelation that I don't have to keep the house the same just because my parents and grandparents did was huge for me! Now my home is  a more authentic reflection of my inner being.

It feels great to be here, and my family feels that way, too. I also invite our guests to make themselves at home, to explore their creativity and to enjoy some good old fashioned rest and relaxation. It is my great honor to help people feel more themselves. 

You deserve a sanctuary.

I may not know you, but if you are reading this, please note that you deserve to feel safe, comfortable and inspired by your home. Your home, no matter what your income or living situation, really resides in your heart. Once you get in touch with that part of you and start living in honest alignment with it, the rest becomes not only easier, but more enjoyable. Please do not short yourself by ignoring what your heart knows.

Take a deep breath and listen to what your heart tells you. Then, act. You are the one in charge of your own experience. If you are not loving life, maybe your heart can guide you back to the source of Love inside yourself. This is the truest sanctuary, and we all deserve to reach it.