Mystery Yogi Teaching Series


I am excited to announce that a vision I had last month is finally manifesting! I will be posting a series of photos on Instagram I call the Mysteri Yogi Teaching Series.

Each post will be both entertaining and educational as the Mystery Yogi demonstrates various asanas around the lovely setting provided by downtown Effingham.

I will be using #mysteryyogi and #visiteffinghamil. Feel free to join in the fun! 

What You Will Learn from the Mystery Yogi

The Mystery Yogi is passionate about sharing Yoga with the world. Follow @thechakralady on Instagram (or Facebook) from October 6 – 31 to receive daily lessons covering a variety of topics:

  • Proper alignment and breathing in various Yoga asanas (physical postures)

  • Mental and emotional benefits of certain poses

  • Yoga for spiritual growth and development

  • The philosophy and history of Yogic teachings

  • Warming up to safely perform specific asanas

  • Meditation exercises for mental focus and calm

Hometown Proud

The Mystery Yogi is also quite fond of her hometown, Effingham, IL. Each photograph was taken in downtown Effingham and features many of the local businesses and sites of interest. You can learn more about this quaint little town on the visitors center website.

Consider visiting downtown Effingham if you are already planning to attend one of the Chakra Lady's local retreats or workshops.

Please, write if you have any questions.

I look forward to hearing from you. - Kaycie, The Chakra Lady

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