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What is Reiki?

Reiki is divinely guided life force energy. It originated in Japan and was taught to others by Master Usui. It is a form of hands on healing that promotes healing by restoring balance to the body's energy field. 

As a Reiki Master I serve as a channel between the world of Spirit and the physical world. I assist your body in the healing process by working with the seven primary chakras. These chakras are found along your spinal column, starting at the tailbone and moving up to the crown of your head.

Your chakras are the doorways through which vital life force energy, also called Chi, Prana or Ki, flow into and out of the body. A blockage in one of your chakras can lead to physical manifestation of dis-ease. 

What to expect during a Reiki session

Before the session I will ask you a few questions about your preferences and have you sign a consent waiver. Then, I will ask you to lay down and make yourself comfortable on the massage table where I perform the sessions. I want you to feel as relaxed as possible, so I encourage wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothing to your session. 

I begin all my sessions by setting sacred space. This is a protective bubble around us as we do the work of releasing and clearing stagnant energies, and inviting in fresh, healing energies. I use a form of white light shielding to set the perimeter of our sacred space. I also invite your spirit guides who may wish to assist in your healing. 

During Reiki sessions I often use crystals, gentle reflexology (massage of the hands and feet), sound healing (ringing bells or chanting) and essential oils to promote relaxation and clear energy. I will also smudge your aura with sage or incense before and after the session. 

How does distant healing work? 

Whether we are using Skype or talking over the phone I am able to connect to your energy and help you remove blockages in real time. We are connected by the energy, time and space do not matter, our intention and the Distant Healing symbol will connect us. 

During our time together I will tap into your energy and listen to you deeply to determine what techniques, exercises and practices will help you clear and balance your primary and secondary chakras. The teacher in me desires a chance to teach you ways to keep your chakras clear and balanced so that you are functioning at your optimal levels, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. 

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