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Private Yoga Session

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I love teaching Yoga. I help people figure out what is blocking their freedom and we work together to remove that obstacle. It might be physical, lower back pain or a need for more flexibility. Sometimes the block is mental, and I show my students how Yoga can bring mental clarity and peace. The block may even be spiritual, in which case I teach how Yoga can unite you with the Divine (a process I call surrendering to God).

The beautiful thing about Yoga is that it is accessible to anyone. There is no “type” of person who does Yoga, it is for all of us. During a private Yoga session I can teach you how Yoga can benefit YOU specifically. I will customize the practice to suit your needs. I give you homework to help you continue reaping the benefits even after we meet. I make sure that you are working at a level that is both safe and effective.

My primary objective as a Yoga teacher is to help you appreciate your body more. When you start really loving your body you inevitably treat it with greater care and kindness. This is the first step to Yoga. We call it Ahimsa, or nonviolence. I want to help you stop abusing your body and start treating yourself with the respect and love that you deserve.

Rates & Recommendations

Single Session - 60 Minutes

A single session allows me to cover whatever is needed by the student:

- introduction to Yoga

- meditation coaching

- breath work

- hands-on stretching support

- modification of postures

- any specific requests from student

Yoga Coaching Package - 8 Sessions

This package allows me to be there for you as transition over the course of multiple weeks. For some it means learning to make Yoga a lifestyle. For advanced students it means taking your practice to new levels.

Yoga is the art of fine tuning our lives. It fosters conscious evolution of the Self, and helps us transcend self/ego identification. 

I want to serve a guide and healer for my students. I meet so many people who are aching to transcend old, self-limiting beliefs and create a new version of themselves. I know that with Yoga and proper support anyone can achieve this goal. 

If you are serious about self-healing or have a strong desire to be a Yogi I would love to work with you. 

Online Private Coaching Available by Request

I am willing to coach individuals from afar. Long-distance student have several options for lessons:

- live video lessons (e.g. Skype, Facetime, etc...)

- custom-made recorded lessons

- phone and email support 

Contact me via email if you have any questions about long-distance Yoga coaching.

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