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Intuitive Tarot Readings

I serve as a channel for the Universe to send you the messages you need to heal yourself.

I passionately believe EVERY problem we face can be worked out with Tarot cards. During a reading I will give you a clearer understanding of what has happened that has lead you to where you are now. I will help you visualize a brighter future for yourself. I will teach you how to see the silver lining in any dark situation.

Tarot readings also help with relationship, career and any abundance-related issues. Often times the cards show us how all these seemingly separate areas of our lives are connected. I receive information about karmic patterns that are affecting the kinds of situations you are attracting and help you shift into a new vibration, to attract more of what you truly desire and deserve. 

I see the Tarot as a tool for self reflection and a form of symbolic healing. I present my clients the cards in a way that offers them deeper insight into the problems they face. The cards speak to me and I see the patterns that caused the situation, but also the opportunities to shift those patterns to bring about healing. 

Why E-mail Tarot Readings? 

There are a few reasons I prefer offering e-mail Tarot readings. 

1. You get to keep a copy of the reading. This can be used as a reference tool anytime, and you can measure your personal growth by looking back at old readings. 

2. I LOVE writing. When I am writing I can feel my channel to Spirit open WIDE and it feels amazing to sit down and feel a reading come through my hands!

3. I can get you the reading FAST. I will send your reading within 48-hours of receiving your question and payment. We don't have to mess with scheduling, you can open it and take your time reading it whenever works for you. Simple. 

10 Card Reading - $70.00

Celtic Cross Spread

This traditional layout is used for clarity on a specific issue as well as for general readings. 

Card 1: The Issue
Card 2: Clarifying/obscuring the issue
Card 3: The unconscious influence
Card 4: The conscious influences
Card 5: old patterns, the old way (the past)
Card 6: Ne patterns, moving into the new (the future)
Card 7: Self: your feelings and attitudes about the issue
Card 8: What you are attracting from the outside
Card 9: Your desires/denials
Card 10: Outcome/Key

5 Card Reading - $50.00

The Diamond

This layout is useful for more clarity on a specific issue.

Card 1: The issue
Card 2: Internal influences that you are unable to see
Card 3: External influence of which you are aware
Card 4: What is needed for resolution
Card 5: Resolution - the understanding

4 Card Reading - $45.00

Relating - 'A Quickie'

This spread offers a quick look at your relating with the other, whether the "other" is your boss, lover, friend, sister, parent, etc...

Card 1: You and what you are contributing to the relating here/now
Card 2: The other, the other's input to the relating
Card 3: The composite energies
Card 4: The insight

1 Card Reading - $20.00

The Super Quickie

A single card for insight into any situation, or as your meditation for the day/week/month. 



“I loved it! I printed it out and keep it close by! I have read it a few times and took it one day to the beach with me to just sit with and reflect. Some areas your really hit the head on the nail and it was very powerful for me. I think some other areas I need a little longer to sit with and reflect on! Thank you so much for the support.”
— Kapua C, Hawaii
I got a wonderful opportunity to have my cards read, such a great experience! I walked away feeling inspired and reenergized, just how I hoped! The reading along with the great company and conversation made my week!
— Sasha Althoff

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