How to choose a deck

Don't wait for someone else to buy you a deck. Did someone tell you that you can't buy your own Tarot deck? Pish-posh. I buy decks for myself all the time! Though a gift deck IS a lovely gesture, buying your own deck is fulfilling, too! There are many different decks to choose from, and by purchasing it yourself you are making the initial investment in shopping for the one you really like! 

Shop around. There are loads of online resources to help you find your first deck. I suggest starting local! There are so many artists inventing new decks all the time, why not take the opportunity to meet the creator?! If you want a more classic or popular deck I suggest using the Aeclectic Tarot complete list of Tarot, Oracle and Lenormand Decks to shop around a little. 


Figure out what appeals to you. I usually base my decision off of how I feel about the deck overall. Art work is important. Look at samples from the decks and make sure you like the style. Also, find out what materials come with the deck. Some have an entire book that explains the cards, others only have a tiny packet. One of my favorite decks is the Osho Zen Tarot because it is beautifully illustrated and came with a well written and wisdom packed guide book! 

how to shuffle & deal


Apply mindfulness. Feel the connection with the cards while you shuffle. Be deeply engaged in what you are doing. Breathe. 

Your cards are your friend. When you hold them, store them, think about them, touch them...treat them as you would a dear and trusted friend. 

Focus. Concentrate deeply on why you are holding them. What do you want to know? 


Make it personal. How you deal or turn-over the cards is up to you. I suggest discovering what feels natural by experimenting and trying new things. When you find something that works, stick with it, there is benefit to having a consistent personal ritual when handling your cards. 

Develop a ritual. I have different rituals with each of my decks, and sometimes those rituals change. I am completely in charge of how I approach my relationship with my cards. I have also learned to listen to them when they want something to change. 

Decide if you want to read reversals. Not all readers choose to interpret reversals. I personally enjoy the extra challenge and information that reversed cards offer us. The choice is yours, and you may choose to change your mind once-in-a-while. 

how to read with depth & accuracy

Reading with depth

Dive Deep. Reading with depths means being unafraid to look at the shadow aspects of things. This is especially difficult when reading for yourself (which is why I suggest all readers receive readings from one-another on a regular basis). I highly suggest studying Carl Jung's work on The Shadow and other Jungian archetypes if you wish to become a "deep" reader. 

Doing research, recording your observations, taking an online course, hiring a Tarot coach...these are all ways to move deeper in your practice of Tarot. 

"Tarot is a tool for self reflection. Mastering Tarot is a way of mastering Self." - The Chakra Lady

Reading with Accuracy

Accuracy means hitting-the-nail-on-the-head. Instead of a hammer we use our awareness, consciousness and wisdom. The nail is the insight or message we are delivering with those tools. 

When you read for yourself accuracy is self-evident. You can feel when the cards are showing you something you need to see, and if you don't see it right away you can usually figure it out within a few days (if you are paying attention to synchronicity).  

Reading for others accurately means we deliver the message they needed to see at that time in a way that they could truly and deeply receive it. Nothing is more satisfying than helping someone come into realization of something that shifts their whole perspective. It is very healing for both reader and querent when a spiritual message is received and deeper awarness blooms. 

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